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Elk City 1.ai     Elk City is a historic district located west from downtown Charleston across the Elk River. This area of Charleston was bought up by John Brisben Walker and was initially intended to be a separate planned city to be laid out with streets coming from the Kanawha river named after US states and streets parallel to the river named after West Virginia Counties. Each block was to contain parks. in addition to parks lining the Elk River.

Eventually the area would be incorporated into Charleston and Linked with downtown with several bridges. Separated from downtown by both the Elk river and the interstate this area of Charleston has been know as the West Side which includes the Historic district of Elk City.

Elk city is a portion specifically along Washington Street on the West side of the interstate and is dominated by the Staats Hospital Building. This predominate building was formerly an African American hospital which has now been abandoned.

Here are some rare images of Elk City: before the interstate (link)

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